Sightseeing and programmes Sightseeing and programmes Sightseeing and programmes Sightseeing and programmes Sightseeing and programmes Sightseeing and programmes Sightseeing and programmes Sightseeing and programmes Sightseeing and programmes

Sightseeing and programmes

Explore the whole downtown by boat!

Private sunset tour by boat on the rivers
- small groups (max. 9 persons)
- big groups (max. 48 persons)

Have an unforgettable experience sailing one hour on the River Mosoni-Duna and the River Rába. From the boat you can admire some beautiful spots, e.g. meeting of the two rivers, how gently the River Rába embraces Radó Island, or see people walking under the castle walls on the riverbank.

Legends and true stories about Győr during our walking tours.

Seven wonders of Győr

The evening lights of the the city - walking tour by night

During a 1,5-2 hours walk we tell you legends and true stories about Győr.

After Budapest, Győr with its Baroque centre is the second richest town in historic buildings. Churches, palaces, museums, characteristic corner balconies, narrow lanes are all reminders of our historic past.

We walk on Chapter Hill where the Basilica hosts real royal and sacral treasures. The Tower of the Bishop Castle provides you with a wonderful view after climbing 203 steps (optional).

We tell you legends about the Iron Cock and about Baroque monuments and the Győr Wine Spritzer.

Walk with us in the Baroque city centre!

Tales of the downtown houses

We go for a 1,5 hour walk in the downtown.

As the second richest town in historic buildings after Budapest, Győr won the Europe Award in acknowledgement of its protection of the historic buildings and the reconstruction of the Baroque centre of the town. Churches, palaces, museums, characteristic corner balconies and narrow lanes, all reminders of a historic past invite visitors to take a walk in the centre of the town.

Taste the Hungarian National Drink with us!

Clinking with a summer spritzer on a 2 hour tour.

The city of ‘fröccs’ (wine spritzer)

We tell you the story of this popular drink and walk to the big soda siphon fountain. Ányos Jedlik, a Benedictine monk in Győr made great steps towards the largescale distribution and bottling the soda water. He surprisingly combined the soda water with wine, so he is now considered to be the inventor of the wine spritzer, the ‘fröccs’.

Private Tours

- to discover the History and Techniques of the Blue Dyeing, a  unique and  wonderful old craft in Győr (private workshops)

- to UNESCO World Heritage Site Pannonhalma Abbey

- Wine Tasting in the Pannonhalma Region

- Excursions to Lake Balaton

- to visit the Porcelain Manufactory of Herend

- to enjoy the Baroque Castle of Fertőd and taste the Sopron Region Wine

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Stadtbesichtigungen, Programme
„Wunder können jeden Tag geschehen, man muss nur bereit sein, sie zuzulassen." Auf dieser Tour werden die wichtigsten und schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten von Győr vorgestellt.
Visite turistiche e programmi
Pensi che Győr sia solo una città tra le tante altre? Forse lo é. Ma per noi è il centro del mondo, e la presentiamo con piacere. Guarda i nostri tour e prenota ne uno!